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6 years ago#1

hello play aion of 11 months in original Mainframe and receive bank sent letters to the personal information codes, maps and activation number and are adamant on how to convince them that I did not blame only himself where others entered the pirates but who does not enter there, you can someone help me.

6 years ago#2
English man! Wtf are u saying????
6 years ago#3

Sorry for that. Google Translator is a horrible tool.


I played Aion for 11 months in the official servers and I unexpectedly got banned. For no reason at all.

I've never harrased other players, never used vulgar language, never performed RTM (exchanging in-game items for real-world money) or indulged in any other sort of questionable behavior. And yet, I got kicked-out.

I sent an e-mail to NCSoft Support immediately. They explained the ban as a consequence for using "third-party application". I don't even know what that entails. I'll be glad if someone informs me.

Apparently, many people had come with the same problem. Forums are full with disaffected users, who fell to the banhammer for no discernable reason. Most of them got no explanation (or even an answer) at all. And, of course, no compensation.

Any advice? Should I continue to press the matter? Is there anything I can do?

6 years ago#4
I know 4 people who were wrongfully banned over the past couple of weeks and they aren't having any luck getting unbanned. Your ban allegedly has to do with using a bot or a banned program. I'm not really sure what kind of programs are out there so I don't think I can help you on that issue. As for other people getting banned, many other players and myself think we have it figured out. It all has to do with selling items on the broker and recieving bought kinah as compensation. Eventhough you cannot control who buys your items, NcSoft is putting the blame on the seller. Case: A top pvp assassin on my server sold ~100m of items (round about number) on the broker over a few weeks and was allegedly paid for in bought kinah for some of the items. He then purchased a master drenium dagger from our servers governor for 300m which is a pretty normal rate. The assassin was permabanned without reason or proof and the governor had the 300m stripped from his account and had many items removed by the gm's, including the master drenium dagger which was sold. The only reason he didn't get permabanned is because he is our servers governer. The fact that neither one of them knew they were dealing in partially bought kinah and recieved punishment is rediculous. Furthermore, the assassin can't even get a response from a gm on the matter and wasn't notified about the ban.
It appears that NCsoft is making an effort to institute a bought kinah tracking system and the program doesn't care who/how the kinah is transferred. There are a few other players that have been banned for dealing in RMT and none of them have any clue.
I hope this sheds light on the whole banning issue that is going on now.
5 years ago#5
Same thing happend to me actually... Banned for no reason... I was not using any kind of third party app. Honestly... If I was I wouldn't complain about a ban. Also NCSoft won't even explain, they send an email saying your banned and further emails will be ignored. Messed up huh?
5 years ago#6
I suspect that the "Game Surveillance Unit" is outsourced to another country by NCSoft. They are poorly trained and ban people without actually verifying anything. It's fine for them since they don't really answer to anyone.

There is nothing you can do when your wrongly banned, as they just stop answering your emails and there is no phone support for such issues.

Big fail from NCSoft. They should absolutely have to provide proof to the customer before they ban them, this is just bad business. If the ban is just, there is no reason why they shouldn't show logs that lead to it.

I am pretty pissed that I lost an account I put so much work into. I never cheated in anyway, but really what can i do? Post my story on the forums and challenge the "game surveillance unit" there?
5 years ago#7
You must use some aion bots or aion hack which is the third part cheating software.
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