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#1oremyselfPosted 2/3/2008 7:16:41 AM
For those who have the Gold version or the DLC, honestly, how is it playing as the new heroes/villains? Worthy? Do they add to the overall experience or are just more "options" to play as?
Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
#2daihideoPosted 2/3/2008 7:35:38 AM
They are pretty cool, I mean venom is pretty much the same as spider man except his abilities are slightly different, Magneto/Cyclops is similiar to the old X-Men Legend game with slight differences in abilites. Havent really messed with Dr. Doom/Hawkeye/Hulk (I'd assume Hulk is like The Thing or Colossus). Sabertooth is close to Wolverine as expected. As well getting the new heroes you can get new achievements so instead of cap ach. at 1000/1000 it is 1250/1250
#3Jackson00027Posted 2/3/2008 6:29:02 PM
Really worth it! Hulk has funny lines: "Hulk must go in different direction" and so. Doom strangely feels like playing as Iron Man, but you should get it.
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