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7 years ago#1
I've been playing this one for hours, and I just can't get a gold ranking. And I'm getting bored.

I have Spider-Woman in the Asgard Armor, with a maxed out Venom Blast, and the Ensnare ability almost maxed out. She's in her original costume, and I've been boosting her bio-blast power. I use her extreme power every chance I get, and . Anyone got any advice for me?
7 years ago#2
Been while since I got the gold for her sim, but the best you can do is use melee and extreme as often as you can. Nothing you can do but keep trying, what with the energy resistant enemies and all.

You are on the right track obviously, just try harder (not helpful I know, but I dont remember any other tricks besides building momentum).
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7 years ago#3
Thanks! I guess I'll keep trudging along... I've gotten SO close, but alas.
7 years ago#4
I just did this.
Give her the gear that makes powers 25% move powerful.
Max out Ensnare and Bio Blast.
Run into a room, ensnare everyone, kill them with Bio Blast (try and line up enemies to make things go faster)
When you get to the 5th room (on the other side of the shield from the 2nd room), kill everyone, then walk back into the 4th room. Now the enemies will spawn again. Repeat this as many times as necessary then fly to the end and kill the boss
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7 years ago#5
Thanks! That spawn spot is a lifesaver. You wouldn't happen to know a trick like that for Mephisto's Hades, would you? My new challenge is Iceman.
7 years ago#6
Iceman took me sooo many goes and then I beat it by 20 points! There isn't a respawn spot that I know of :-(.
Tips (Most of these from the FAQ):
Equip the 25% more damage gear again.
Frigid Aura will cause the gremlin things to explode if they jump on your back, so keep this going as much as possible, and throw Polar Explosions at the flying enemies.
Whenever you meet a big guy, steal his sword (Just press X then press the button sequence). Note that if you have thrown a Polar Explosion at him, the whole sequence will get slowed down, which is really annoying, because you need every second.
Finally, throw enemies off the edge of the map whenever possible, and have 1 point in Ice Slide for quick movement.
Make sure to take the last sword with you into the boss!
GT: KnightAdz
7 years ago#7
Thanks! I'll try that tonight!
7 years ago#8
Got it! Thanks again! You rock!
7 years ago#9
Why 25% damage? Isn't the Asgard Armor or something a 50% increase?
7 years ago#10
I think Asgard Armor only boosts electric powers doesn't it? I can't remember
GT: KnightAdz

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