no music

#11handheldCoffeePosted 7/23/2010 7:10:13 AM
Sure it's annoying but we will have to wait until the next update, because there is no way to downgrade.

There was also this thread in the MUA2 board with a very informative last post:

Of course it will take time on Sony's side because they have to test their updates first... which they probably rushed the last update because of their "Plus" service.

If it takes too long though, I am sure certain gaming/geek related blogs will approve it as relevant enough to mention it.
#12snake2410Posted 7/27/2010 5:55:10 AM
So does anyone know if 3.41 fixed this issue? Just wondering because I won't get around to playing it again until I platinum the second one.
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#13snake2410Posted 7/27/2010 8:17:37 AM
3.41 didn't fix the issue. Mine doesn't have voiceover ingame either. Hopefully they fix it with the next update. Since this was something that was noticed fairly recently maybe they were already testing the 3.41 update and couldn't impliment a fix. Hope they fix it though, because I wanted to actually go through MUA1 again after I finish MUA2.
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