This was my first R&C game, heh

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Pretty much. You should start with the first, going backwards you wont' get much joy since the gameplay and stuff was only just starting out in the first one. A lot say that the 2nd is the best and I'm inclined to agree though the 3rd is great too. Gladiator was a big step back in my opinion but from what I've played of the PS3 games they're all great.

So yeah, start with the first and just move along, skip Gladiator though if you want, it doesn't really add anything to the story.

Some planets have a couple of weapons, I haven't played all the way through this one yet so I don't know exactly how it works but in most of the others once you beat the game you have the ability to multiply how many bolts you find as you go back through the game again. Each enemy you kill increases the bolt multiplier but once you get hit, it goes back down to the way it is originally and you have to start building it back up again. Usually it is the Ryno or some spelling like that which is the most powerful weapon but each games variation of it is different. The weapon EXP thing was introduced in the second game but I think they could only be leveled up once and then later on you could buy stronger versions of the weapons from that game to level up and weapons from the first game which couldn't be leveled up.

My memory is a lil sketchy though as it has been a while :)

The 3rd game added more levels to the EXP of weapons and HP and stuff.
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They still have the bolt multiplier in this, and from the sound of things it's exactly the same. You build up to x12 and if you're hit, it plummets to 1.

After you beat the game you can buy Titan versions of the weapons if you've fully levelled them up, and from there, the Titan version level up to v4. Some guns revert to their starting ammo (like the Suck Cannon) but go back to max as they level. You can also buy some extremely good mods for some weapons. Agents, Rockets, Vortex, Laser Tracer, and the shield all get buffed way up with their new mods, but they're also very expensive.

Despite what some of the reviews said, I really like most of the weapons in this game.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh I shouldn't have gotten rid of my PS2 a few years ago.
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Well then you've nothing to worry about :3

Get yourself in on the other entries in the series.
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Perhaps once I have a means of playing them =/
An infant sea turtle is actually capable of killing an adult African bull elephant. It does, however, require a substantial amount of surprise.
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I'm surprised to see anyone post any new messages for this game. I love this game, so I occassionally check to see if there are any new messages, which is very rare nowadays.

I only skimmed the posts in this thread, so I won't comment on everything, but the skyboard races were the parts that I disliked the most as well - the skyboard is very difficult to control and the other racers were always able to beat me, no matter many boosts and shortcuts I took. Also, the dream sequence was hard to get used to because you can't see objects clearly that are near the edges of the screen. The dream sequence is kind of annoying.

I haven't played any other R&C so I don't know how this game compares to the other R&C games, but I loved this one - easy and lots of fun. The variety of weapons is cool.

I haven't played Secret Agent Clank but I heard that it's a lot harder than this game. I thought about buying it when it came out, but I don't want to buy a game that'll make me angry. I might buy anyway because I can buy it cheap (under $10), but I doubt I'll complete it.

Reptobismol - have you maxed out all of your weapons yet?
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Yeah, on one file. On the other files I've done to avoid grinding (barring two trips to Dreamtime for maxing the Titan VC before Challax and trips to Metalis for bolts in between missions), I don't pick up the Bee Mine, Sniper Mine, or Scorcher. I don't use the Concussion Gun either, which they force you to take once you reach the Medical Outpost and get "all your weapons" back.

I can win the four Kalidon skyboard races very easily. The Outpost ones are too long and frustrating, so I cheat and use the glitch.

Tools of Destruction looks so fun. I'll need to get a PS3 at some point.
An infant sea turtle is actually capable of killing an adult African bull elephant. It does, however, require a substantial amount of surprise.