Sadida (plant summoner) help?

#1ZenLOEPosted 1/16/2012 12:35:23 AM
So i just recently started playing this build as an iop but realized that i like being ranged than a close up fighter. If anyone needs help with an iop build i can help or atleast guide you to a decent path.

Anyways i decided to switch to a Sadida (plant summoner) class but i'm quite confused in how to play it. I know i want to play as earth but the thing is that the pet only works as a wall for this point and cant make it do anything except tank. Should i get water so it can attack or air to make it attack or what? Also should i put my points into earth or wait for another ap to play a 8ap build? Any guidance would be helpful.
#2rizziusPosted 1/18/2012 2:14:20 AM
first thing: if u're a sadida you should use all the kind of dolls choosing the best for every situation no matter what element u choose; if you're earth this doesn't means you shouldn't use the other kind of dolls, this is the key.

About the build, if you're heart probably you'll need to have 8 ap (1 gained with stat points and one given by equipment) so you can cast bramble 2 times in a single turn, basically u will fight this way: cast dolls to block/damage you're opponent and hit him with bramble.

After the last patch I prefer water for sadida: drain maxed deals 88 damage with 6 ap and heals the dolls so u can make reasonable damage even without sacrificing 150 HP points for the AP,HP are really important for a sadida since the doll's HP depend from your max HP, but drain as a bad rage so maybe the totem is needed to make it effective, earth has a very better range.
#3MSJoeDaddyPosted 1/30/2012 2:17:30 PM
I am confused as well.

How exactly do you make a doll that can do damage?

I use the air spells on my doll seed, and it makes a doll that is incredibly weak and only uses a -1 mp attack that does no damage.

Is there another way to make a doll that"s stronger and does damage on its own?
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#4MSJoeDaddyPosted 1/30/2012 3:09:23 PM
Actually I finally figured it out. If you cast any water spell on the seed it will turn into a fighter doll. And if you cast an earth spell it will turn into a tank doll. I have no idea the use of the air doll. But anyways, drain plus the water or earth doll is fun and effective.
RighteousMSJ ( Ragnarok ) - 75 Drg 75 Bard 75 Blm 74 Bst 75 Smn 75 Blu 52 Pup
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#5rizziusPosted 1/31/2012 4:33:55 PM
the air doll has a very tactical role, it doesn't deal damage but reduce the mp (movement point) of the enemy in the next turn.A single air doll can't do much if u summon more of them (u'll be able to do it later in the game), u'l be able to prevent the enemy from moving for several turns an if u have a totem placed this mean free turns in wich u can deal damages without being hit. Useful in solo Pvp against close combact class (iop above all).