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Missing a level 3 Talk topic with Shurelia (Archived)DullahanEX35/3 1:26PM
Should I even play Aurica's Side? SPOILERS (Archived)neromercer42/4 4:49PM
I know this forum is dead but...... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Arystoche122/2 7:09PM
I'm doing a Ar Tonelico Let's Play!(Elemia) (Archived)SkiethXInnis32/1 1:41PM
Getting this game soon. What should I know? (Archived)omgseal212/6 3:31PM
couple things that really bother me in this game (Archived)GrayMuse29/15 6:52PM
I shall forgive your endless spirit. (Archived)Mewi18/21 12:35PM
Mandatory "how do i make money" topic. (Archived)fkuman38/11 1:30PM
regarding Misha's L4 9th topic (Archived)fkuman38/9 1:08PM
Should I Proceed? (Archived)SteelVSamurai25/16/2014
Tower from Bottom to Top (Archived)Uruha_Raiha25/6/2014
Hymn Crystal Purger Decision (Spoilers) (Archived)LunarisStar12/5/2014
Completed All Talk Topics 100% Misha Path *Semi Spoiler* (Archived)Mewi11/22/2014
Bulgarian Women's Choir (for fans of the OST) (Archived)Kwingster21/22/2014
How long did it take you to beat this? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
About What Happened at the rinkernator 1 (Archived)amc9988211/29/2013
Prepare or Just Fight? (Archived)Rax625211/27/2013
Endings NO SPOILERS (Archived)rpgmadboy611/19/2013
The music instrument row in Silver Horn,what does it do ? (Archived)MoodyHoe211/11/2013
Aurica Fan Club! (Archived)
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