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8 years ago#1
seems that since I was last hear a year or so ago, this issue still hasn't quite been cleared up in any FAQ or guide

I did a search, and I came across the only single hit I could find, being thundercould82's post

GD-resist tells you how fast your reyvateil's MP drains when she's singing. The higher the GD-resist percentage, the lower the MP usage. When the GD-resist reaches 100%, MP consumption is halved. You can see how much MP each song uses by checking the Song Magic menu.

The Burst Variation graph shows how fast the songs charge up at each level. Each virtical line represents a level, up to a max of 4 on the right side of the graph. The higher the line is on the graph, the faster the song will charge up at that level.

The C--H harmonics bar indicates how fast the reyvateil's harmonic bar (the thick bar on the right side of the harmonics gauge on the battle screen) fills up. The faster the oscillation, the faster the bar fills.

so I understand what GD-resist is, and what C-H harmonics are, but I still have no idea what the burst variation window is

does it refer to the current harmonics level noted by the diamonds at the bottom

or the level of the song?
ie, first vertical line = speed up to lvl 1
4th vertical line, speed up to level 4
4th vertical line to right side of chart = speed after reaching final level of song
8 years ago#2
Harmonics only indicates how quickly the pink half of the Harmonics bar fills up, while for Burst Variation is just as you said.
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8 years ago#3
that's interesting... did anyone actually prove this? or is it just a theory?

from what I vaguely recall, I was one of the people trying to figure it out, and when I compared Lilim songs lvl 1 to Lilim songs lvl 4, I couldn't find any difference in song speed (and the Lilim costume from what I recall (don't have it again yet, as I'm doing another playthrough now) had two extremes in terms of song speed)

so assuming this is right, then Lilim is essentially saying
"really slow charge speed up till lvl 4, then insanely fast"?
8 years ago#4
At least that is how it should be.
Was yea ra sonwe rre ciel hyma mea sarla... forgandal, gral walasye selena harmon mea sarla...
8 years ago#5
Burst Variation does not affect charge speed. Every test I ran modifying the burst variation and using different song levels had the charge speed always the same.

If you can figure out exactly how it works or what it affects, let me know, because I am completely baffled by these results.
8 years ago#6
so I guess we still can't get anything conclusive

when I was last here working on it, all I recall was that we concluded the same thing, burst variation meant nothing and it just came down to using whatever costume you wanted to
8 years ago#7
Here is a curve ball from left field. Could burst vareation not effect the charge speed but the power of the song? like the higher the line the better the damage?
8 years ago#8
man... I sure hope not

that's definitely something worth looking into, but also something that's going to be really hard to check

off the top of my head, I suppose getting a costume which has the lowest end curve, and the highest (again, probably Aurica and Lilim vs something else she has), charging to past lvl 4 at some defined percentage, then checking the damage vs the same enemy type
8 years ago#9
Going back to the earlier point. I wonder if it may have something to do with how much boost you get. I noticed early game that when the harmanics bar filled at the begining of the game i'd only get a 160% boost to charge compared to the 200 I get now... and maybe thats like the max boost a bar is plus 100%
8 years ago#10
I think I hit head on. It was a simple test. Took child Misha's standered outfit and aactivated first bar fill up, witch was 140% and compared to her last outfit elfir and got the full 200%. I think this kinda proves burst vareation does effect charge speed but I could be wrong

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