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7 years ago#21
So I found myself with an extra $50 today. Since I'm posting about it here, I'm sure you guys can guess what I bought.

The timeline is now "whenever I get it and decide to start messing around with it." To be fair, that' still not very concrete, but it's a lot shorter than "whenever I get lucky or have a lot of time to kill"

Until then, well, patience is a virtue. One that I'm not very good at, but still.
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7 years ago#22
I just got the game and I am very interested in hearing about if you find out anything. I think this whole "hidden banana" thing is very interesting.

best of luck

7 years ago#23
Any progress?
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7 years ago#24
Not really. College has been sucking down most of my free time. Pokemon Platinum's had the rest of it, although I'm almost ready to put that down. I haven't had a full day to set it up and get used to it, which I like to do before any serious code hacking attempts.

But hey, I do have it sitting on my desk, so I'll definitely get to it eventually.
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7 years ago#25
Does anyone think the re-release of this game that comes with Sonic and the Secret Rings may have fixed those missing banana glitches? I doubt it, but you never know with reprints like the greatest hits version of Virtua Fighter 4 on PS2. Anyway, the hacking thing should be interesting. I am also still curious about this whole thing. The game is not FULLY complete yet! =)
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7 years ago#26
You guys want an update?

8-5 is listed as complete on my save.

8-4, details, and (most importantly) ocarina codes coming within a few days. Unfortunately, I have somewhere to be in half an hour, and I was just messing around with this to kill time.

Here's a downer - you'll have to actually beat the levels and have all the regular bananas to get the codes to work properly. But hey, they'll work.
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7 years ago#27
I got back early.

Guess what that means? Here's a hint:

Finish 8-4 for hidden bananas
4A000000 80000000
102AE823 00000003

Finish 8-5 for hidden bananas
4A000000 80000000
102AE84B 00000001

You may want to read my next post before asking any questions about how those codes work. I want to do one more thing before I type the whole writeup.
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7 years ago#28
Okay, so here's what you've all been waiting for:

You get absolutely nothing.

Well, that was anticlimactic. I'll be honest here - I didn't go and beat the game afterwards or do a lot of other experimenting, so there might be something I missed. I did go off and play a minigame so that it would refresh the character list, and I tried every button combo I could think of on the character select screen. Nothing.

I'm not counting out the possibility that these codes are "fake", meaning that they set a flag, but not the right one. It might be that I need to set each individual bunch as collected some other way. I want to do a bit more testing later and make sure that there's nothing I missed, but for now, I'm pretty confident that there's nothing.

About those Ocarina codes:
In case I wasn't clear before, you still need to get all the regular bananas. You don't need to do it in the same run, as long as the game registers all of them on your file, but you need to at least beat the level once with the code on. At least, I'm pretty sure it has to be that level. There's a chance that you can just beat any level, but I haven't tried it and don't know what would happen if you beat another level with these codes on. Test if you want, but back up your save first just in case. If you want to be safe, put one in at a time, beat the level, then turn it off and put the other one in.

And now for some technical stuff:
If you know anything about codes at all, you've probably noticed something a bit odd. And if you don't know anything about them, you may be wondering why there are two different codes. Well, as it turns out, every level's hidden bananas are stored in memory at the same time, but in different places. So the code for all the hidden bananas in one level won't work on any other level, because it looks in a different place. Also, the game has a funny way of keeping track of which ones you've found. The 'first' bunch adds 1 to the offset, the next adds 2, the next adds 4, then 8, then 16, and so on. So in a level with one bunch of bananas hidden (like 8-5), the value needs to be set to 1. In one with two bunches (like 8-4), the value needs to be 3. I say 'first', because if you pick up the bananas in an order other than the one the developers picked, you might instead have your first bunch add 2 and your second bunch add 1. But in the end, you're going to end up with 2^n - 1, where n is the number of hidden banana bunches. How did I know that 8-4 is supposed to have two and 8-5 is supposed to have one? Well, those maps from Sega came in handy after all.

No deadline on a follow-up with my further testing, but my usual "feel free to beat me to it" attitude applies. Maybe you'll find something that I didn't. If not, well, you guys now have proof that I'll deliver eventually.

For reference, here's my to-do list:
- Create a "character mod" code and try going past the last character.
- Create a "levitation" code (along with "no clipping", maybe) and look for the bananas that way.
- Look for the flag that gets set when you pick up any given hidden banana (this will be annoying).
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7 years ago#29
Awwwww... that sucks that you don't get anything for it.
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7 years ago#30

So, it's just another one of those old "bragging rights" rewards? Not surprising, but I expected something more, like a new character. I was even nuts enough to thinkthat there could even have been new stages.

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