Here's all the data on the hidden bananas in 8-4 and 8-5

#1GauRocksPosted 1/12/2010 6:30:11 PM
There's no new information here, but I rearranged my webspace and didn't want to leave a bunch of broken links floating about. Here's the simple version:

First off, here's where the bananas are supposed to be. Sega released these images in response to a user from here. I'm not sure who posted them originally, so I can't give better credit than that.

Next, here are the Ocarina codes that you can use to get "Complete" status on the levels. These are my own creation. You need to have all the regular bananas first, then put in the code and beat the level. I didn't test what happens if you play the wrong level, so to be safe, don't do that.

Finish 8-4 for hidden bananas
4A000000 80000000
102AE823 00000003

Finish 8-5 for hidden bananas
4A000000 80000000
102AE84B 00000001

Using those codes, there is no reward for maxing out every level. I have not done enough testing to confirm that there's no reward that can be unlocked if you use a code that does something more legitimate, but I'd put the chances at less than 10%.

Finally, I posted two unencrypted save files and could never figure out what kind of hash they were using to keep them from being modified. If you're into that kind of thing, the unencrypted files are below, along with a link to the old topic where i posted more details.
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