BUILDING THE EXECUTOR AND ECLIPSE (Please, for the love of God sticky this.)

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No-one now need ask how to get the Eclipse/ Executor. Its all here. Please do not post anymore topics on this. If this doesn't immediately get stickied, than regular bumps will be appreciated.

The Eclipse

In the unmodded version of Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of the Corruption, you cannot build the Eclipse. It is available in the final level of the Zann Consortium campaign only, and is otherwise unavailable in Galactic Conquest or Skirmish mode. There is, I believe, a mod that makes the Eclipse available for the Empire in Galactic Conquest, which I think is available on . I have never used this mod myself, nor do I have much knowledge on how it works and what it does, so download it at your own risk.

The Executor

The Super Star Destroyer Executor is available to the Empire at Tech Level 5 in the Galactic Conquest portion of the game. You construct it at any planet with a level 5 Space Station, which need not be a planet that produces other capital ships, such as Kuat, Fondor, Sullust or Mon Calamari. When you open the space production menu, you will see Darth Vader's portrait. Clicking this will begin construction of the Executor, and will also produce Darth Vader for use in land battles. The Executor will be represented by Darth Vader's portrait. (The Executor is Darth Vader's space unit, and has replaced his TIE Advanced X-1.) The Executor is unavailable for construction in the Skirmish portion of the game.

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Thank you!!!!

This is much appreciated, maybe now there won't be so many topics about the Executor and the Eclipse.

I'm not much of a (I doubt that's a word) so I don't know how to sticky something but I know how to bump something.


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Wait a sec (sorry for the n00bish questions recently but I just got this game), so the "Executor" is the Super Star Destroyer? Cause I went to build that last night in both Skirmish and GC mode but I could not figure out how to build it in either. Thanks!
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In skirmish, I believe Darth Vader get his TIE Advanced X-1 like in the original, the only thing I think you fogot to mention. I appreciate your starting this topic, though.
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Thank you vermin hopefully we wont see anymore of these topics.

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Also, for if anyone needs the patch, mods, etc., go here:

It seemed like many people were also asking about the patch....

I know you already mentioned it, but the topic needed to be bumped...
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Bump bump bump...
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Besides, you can't actually use the Eclipse anyway, so don't be too thrilled about getting to the final campaign mission. You'd understand once you see the opening cutscene.

As for the Executor, it's awe-inspiring, but for all of its grandeur and firepower, bomber squadrons tear it to shreds once you take out its fighter escorts. The Super Star Destroyer simply has no capacity to deal with fighters and bombers.
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^Name me a capital ship that does.
That's kinda the point of having anti-fighter ships/fighters with you.