BUILDING THE EXECUTOR AND ECLIPSE (Please, for the love of God sticky this.)

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It was for Gamecube, not PS2. Getting one was the worst mistake of my life, but it had a few upsides.
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My bad there. Ironically, I did want a Gamecube back then, but it tanked before I could save enough cash. :P
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Hades003 wrote:
tcchip82 wrote:
True that, but let's face it, people love seeing the SSD in any Star Wars game, and we haven't had many games that gives us a chance to blow one up, much less use it. The last I remember was X-wing Alliance, and that was way back in 1999.

You get to blow one up in rouge squadron III i believe.

You never got to blow it up in X-Wing alliance, it was just in one or two of the levels. I remember that it took like five minutes to fly over it at full throtle though.(<-I loved that game!)

In rouge squadron III you are the A-wing that gets hit and crashes into the bridge.
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Well, there was a mission in X-wing Alliance where you had to blow up the shield generators of the Executor, and you can always challenged one in Skirmish. Even if you took out its generators, that thing took forever to blow up, and that's with a Missile Boat loaded with advanced torpedoes. But yeah, the Shadows of The Empire based mission where you had to fly your transport into the asteroid base past the Executor was cool. I think it's one of two Shadows mission; the other being the one where you help Luke and Dash Rendar hit the freighter carrying the Death Star plans.
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Hey I just recently got this game and was wondering if someone could tell me something. If you have a fleet with the executor and if (for some god forsaken reason) you need to run why do you lose the executor even though its engines are intact.
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..Do you know how hard it would be to hyperspace the executor out that fast?..i mean jesus the things huge =\

Plus i would bet most of the time you shouldnt need to retreat with it unless your a horrible noob who doesnt know how to play.
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Must be another glitch that no one has realized until now, because apparently you've had to retreat with the Executor.
No offense ment of course. You should tell Petro about this.
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yea actually i have b/c i lost all my fighters the rebels had lots of y wings and we all know how hard it aparently is for the executor to hit fighters. they tear the crap out of it.
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