Exception has occurred...

#1HavocGDIPosted 10/31/2009 8:35:12 AM
Every time I start this game after my installing it, it first takes a good minute to a minute and a half to get to where it turns the screen black (as in loading). At which point, and error noise occurs, so I minimize the screen to find an "Exception" message on my desktop. Here's a screenshot


Anyone else run into this problem? It's really starting to annoy me. I've tried running the thing in safe mode and I get the same problem. I am running on a Vista 64-bit and all of my equipment definitely passes the requirements. (ATI Radeon 4570 HD graphics card, dual core 2.25 GHz CPU, 4 GHz RAM) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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#2geno_16Posted 10/31/2009 11:16:17 AM
Try installing the "Vista Patch". You can find it somewhere on filefront.empireatwar.com.
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