Molly Mapleleaf?

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8 years ago#1
I looked at the one guide on here and it says to find her at dusk near the trees.

I went there repeatedly and never found her.

I even tilled the soil and grew flowers until it was all green, thinking it would make a difference. But it didn't.

Please, how do I find her?
8 years ago#2
You might be looking at the wrong set of trees. As silly as it sounds, I made the same mistake. Here's what do. When you exit the park to go to town, look to your right and at the very end of the sidewalk is trees and a cardboard box. Check in there like if you looking for any other unplugged friend. You'll find her(?) eventually.
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8 years ago#3
Thank you! It worked. I should have known.... it took me forever to stumble on Molly and the Bull guy. I just never thought of going down that far.

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