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8 years ago#1
Does the promo code unlock the costumes for every merc or just the one you are currently playing as?

If you were to play as Mui instead of Jacobs but you used the code for Jacobs would you be able to reuse the code to get Mui alternative costume?
Honor Among Video Gamers
8 years ago#2
I think it unlocks one costume for each merc when you use it.
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8 years ago#3
so if i were to have 2 saves with 2 different mercs i would get both costumes?
Honor Among Video Gamers
8 years ago#4
Honor Among Video Gamers
8 years ago#5
does the promo code work on all mercs? i.e. if you were to start another game with a mui if you had started with jacobs would you have both promo costumes on both saves?
Honor Among Video Gamers
8 years ago#6
it's unlocked for good 1 for each merc, no matter 1 or more saves just check closet in your mansion.

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