The Mercenaries 2 Glitch FAQ

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I have another glitch randomly while i was playing everyone that i was hostile with(including the vz) wouldnt shoot me that just stood there and yelled like they were goin too lol. Saved, quit, reloaded and was fine.
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Here is another. Sometimes when I am getting an HVT the guy who is about to report me goes inside a rock,reports me, and then stays in,shooting me from inside.
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I have had a version of the spare parts glitch. I get the 200K whenever I fly near a collected spare part location, but the number resets to 34/100 every time i reload. but my log still shows the correct amount, which at the moment, is 46.
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What about this one:

Keep Faction From Hating You...Mostly
While you're on a mission for a faction, if you ever end up in a position where that faction now hates you, your contract will be canceled and you'll be given a Retry option. This will reset your status with that faction to its last state before becoming hostile.

If you use this technique to its fullest, you can attack HVTs for other factions that belong to the one you're working for, and instead of having to risk making them angry by interfering, you'll constantly be given second chances when you Retry. Best when done during an Outpost capture mission.

In short: Go on an outpost mission, then attack buildings and HVTs that belong to your employer, and you will never go permanently hostile unless you cancel your contract..
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Good work, I think that the game creators should look at this and try and fix some of the problems.
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Couple of unlisted glitches.

If you attempt to hi-jack a heli later in the game (the type of helis that require the extended mini-game, regardless of faction) you lose the ability to zoom any of your weapons/items/airstrikes with scopes (including binoculars) until you save, quit, and continue your game. Cutscenes/load screens may reset this glitch as well.

Sometimes when going after HVTs that are VZ targets, you'll see another faction (for me is was te PLAV) fighting along with them against you, and for me, the HVT himself was a PLAV soldier even though it was a VZ camp and was obviously supposed to be a VZ soldier.. Killing the faction members doesn't seem to affect your standing with the faction, but you will get the cash bonuses.
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I have an addition for you vehicle speed restriction, when playing last night on co-op any road vehicle could go no faster than a golf cart (not including Battlefield:BCs :P) just crawling along sounding like the gearbox was about to explode.