I Need Help With The Stinking Triangle Jewel Puzzle

#1keviepoo2626Posted 2/14/2008 1:20:34 AM
Please god someone help. How do you get past the Jule Box Puzzle. Where you move the jewels to the ends of the triangles. Any tips would be most appreciated.


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#2cbrentner70Posted 2/18/2008 6:52:58 AM
I found this solution on another game tip site somewhere online.
Start with the top jewel as one and number them 1-8 in a clockwise manner. Next complete the sequence in this order.
1 to 6
8 to 3
4 to 1
7 to 4
2 to 7
5 to 8 and then complete the final link.
That will open the puzzle box and complete the game.