Thunderbolts Deck

#1SmokinDatCrackPosted 9/17/2008 11:12:42 PM
Can someone post up a solid Thunderbolts deck?

I was looking at their characters and thought "What a horrible deck..." But apparently I'm it's like mad good provided the opponent doesn't have sonic gun.... I was sort of used to raping with the Avengers...

I'm not a competitive player so I won't spam overloads, finishing moves and savage beat downs. I'll be playing with AI too so...

Been checking out the "Deck Discussion," thread and freakin' a the Crimelords deck is mad cool, as is the xmen\marvel knights one. Too bad not too many people posted deck ideas. :[
#2SmokinDatCrack(Topic Creator)Posted 9/18/2008 12:44:10 AM
I found this:

Is that the best Thunderbolts has to offer?
#3abyssPosted 9/18/2008 11:59:01 PM
Thunderbolt's are primarily rush/early game beatdown. Joystick, Songbird, Jolt etc, a lot of their characters have oversized Attack stats for their cost. They've also got a few characters that get buffs around the 4/5 turn mark, which makes their small drops more useful. Stuff like Justice, Like Lightning and Combat Maneuvers help support it. Because they're so fast, they can beat most computer decks very easily, before they can even get set up.

They've also got quite a few cards that have an effect 'when ready', usually enhanced attack. Therefore making them more dangerous on defence. Things like Deadly Conspiracy can ready a characters who's already attacked, and still leave them with the bonus.

As for the bit about being really good as long as you're opponent doesn't have Sonic Gun, there are several Thunderbolts cards that get +1/+1 Counters. Mainly Atlas and New Identity. The idea being to create a gigantic character. A lot of fun, but not unstoppable.
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Yeah I was wondering about deadly conspiracy.

Sounds like a lot more complex affiliation then say, Spiderfriends.
#5abyssPosted 9/21/2008 10:43:13 PM
I'd say the opposite, at least for the 'beatdown' variety. It's pretty much just big characters+combat pumps. Though, probably not that good against a human player (Say, something like Songbird is great against the CPU, but can really screw you over with a human).

Though, focusing on the other aspects probably is. But I wouldn't say Spider-Friends is an easy faction....
#6GreenLantern173Posted 9/22/2008 5:36:01 PM
I've got one from a VS website that I use. I'll post the list tomorrow.
#7GreenLantern173Posted 9/23/2008 9:24:54 AM
Here's the link to the deck list that I use:
#8walrusbombPosted 9/23/2008 12:07:41 PM
here's my "Chicken Supreme" modified for DS play:

4 Albert Gaines <> Nuke, Atomic Powerhouse
4 Ape X, Xina
4 Golden Archer, Wyatt McDonald
4 Joystick, Janice Yanizesh
4 Lady Lark, Linda Lewis
4 Shape, Malleable Mutant
4 Tom Thumb, Thomas Thompson
1 Whizzer, Stanley Stewart

Plot Twists
2 Answer the Call
4 Flying Kick
4 Might Makes Right
4 Panacea Potion
4 Gravesite*

4 Rocket Central

1 Airskimmer
2 Dual Sidearms
2 Jetpack
4 Thunder Jet

* A lot of people diss Gravesite, but trust me, it's nice in certain beatdown decks. Especially this deck when you play it first turn, burn everything trying to get Flying Kicks and Might Makes Right, and WIN on turn 4.
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Hm, I haven't bothered trying to make a supreme deck once i found out you have to keep your hand empty to get the best of them.

I think after I try this "Chicken Supreme" deck out I might also try that Master of Evil\Thunderbolts hybrid posted in one of the FAQs. Seems like they could play off each other really well...
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