#1The_MythMakerPosted 8/27/2011 11:07:49 PM
I've done everything, including the 6 special missions, except for the 3rd two-player game. I'm still missing a lot of unlockables, especially Ron and Drakken pictures. Any ideas?
#2MookietheboldPosted 8/31/2011 7:38:59 AM
I seem to recall I was missing some of those as well, but there were 2 (or 3?) special missions I never did get around to finishing, and I assumed that's what would have unlocked the rest of them. Guess not, since you said you did all of them. Unfortunately I don't have access to a PS2 at this time and my PS3 isn't backwards compatible, so I'm afraid I can't check my game and help you out. Sorry. =/
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#3The_MythMaker(Topic Creator)Posted 9/7/2011 9:51:26 PM
Well, thanks for replying... I'm at a loss, can't even guess what could unlock them.

Oh well.