This game (Early game spoilers + Peace Walker spoiler lol).

#1ADYRELPosted 5/3/2012 7:53:45 AM
Is hard. -_-;

After beating every console MGS on Hard/Extreme (Except MGS4 -.-;, and LOLTrolling everything in Peace Walker with ease, this game comes as a serious shock. It's partly the controls, and partly the way items are done.

I definitely should've played this before Peace Walker. -_-;

Hell, so far I'm only on the first boss and stuck. Control's are killing me, I hate turning the camera with my index finger while I try to run and shoot and all that junk.

Also it seems like everyone I have dies in roughly 2 hits. Suggestions? Snake's got the Body Armor on but still dies as soon as Python starts shooting him. After Snake dies, it's just Trololololol. My other 3 guys have absolutely no chance.

I've tried to recruit some better fella's, but I guess this whole game is random as far as stats/usefulness go? I recruited guys from the Bridge that look like Ocelot (I thought at first it WAS Ocelot lol...), I recruited a few of the 'Commander' type guys, and a bunch of the basic grunt-type dudes. Was assuming that the Commander's and Ocelot-ish guys would have superior stats since, well, it just makes sense. Guess I was wrong. -_-;

I figured as much already, but I did read a bit to confirm my thought that Python could be captured/recruited... So I'd like to get a Stun Kill on him. Suggestions? Anywhere I can get more MK22's so the whole B-Team can have one?

This is irking me more than the 'effing Tigrex fights.
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watch my boss rush video then hopefully you will be inspired
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