Exclusive interview with Wada about Versus, X HD, Type-0 and FFXV!!

#11ForevAlonePosted 11/21/2012 7:16:16 PM
StarBladeEdge posted...
i hope tc is joking because if he/she really thinks someone is taking that seriously his/her brain must be melted.i personally stoped reading after some seconds but still good job writing all that ........and making a new acount for that.......

some people have so much time...i am jealous.....

I always believe ppl go to this board because they are bored and have nothing better to do
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I wish this was real, but if you were trying to be professional you wouldn't have misspelled so many words, if this all actually does happen then I think I will believe you, but that is a huge if.
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This was a joke, right. I guess all of you knew it already. I'm just a one of you, an anxious fan of final fantasy,waiting for Versus and all the other FF games. It was obvious i think, all we need for in this times of darkness, is some light-hearted humour. Sorry if somebody took this too seriously, i hope not. I wish you all the best hope for Versus and for Final Fantasies to become. Square Enix can fool the markets but they can never fool the real fans, i hope you agree with me.. Sorry if this sounds so cheesy, i'm really drunk at the moment, but i hope this bring some happiness and hope for the painful waiting for Versus and other games to become.

By the way, Wada gave me a special message for western fans. Final Fantasy Type-0 will be released before the end of 2013. Dunno in what platform but lets hope for the best!
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Yeah, I already knew it was a joke because a topic that's really about new info would have a lot more than 15 or so comments XD Interesting read though lol