Gaming has evolved so much since this was announced

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4 years ago#1
If this ever comes out, do you think we'd get a 2006 quality game or a 201X (whenever its out) quality game?

That's one of the things that worry me. This game has obviously been delayed because of fiascoes like FFXIV and XIII turning into a trilogy, and not because of the actual development of the game itself.

So maybe this will be a little outdated by the time it's out.
sry fur me bad enlish,im form usa
4 years ago#2
I don't think it will at all. The graphics you saw from the trailers that came out in 2006 and a couple years after that will look like ancient by the time the game is done. The graphics are something I'm sure they've been constantly upgrading as the years have gone by.

Graphically, we might get the best game we've ever seen. This will be putting the PS3 to its limits IMO.
4 years ago#3
I'm talking mostly about level design, gameplay features.
sry fur me bad enlish,im form usa
4 years ago#4
Well, I still think the same thing applies there. I'm almost positive that all of that will be refined by the time we get the finish product in our hands. I'm sure all of it has been a work in progress over the years. I'm sure by now though, when they show us a new trailer (whenever that is), I think what we see there will be more concrete on what will be getting graphically, gameplay, etc.
4 years ago#5
No it's not going to be the greatest game of all time.
4 years ago#6
Probably not, no. lol I still think it's going to be awesome, though. The only thing I am worried about is the story. I hope it's good.
4 years ago#7
We have to remember that it only been in development for a year. and last time we saw a trailers it really looked real. But u mention level and gameplay. In truth we really haven't seen much of gameplay so we can't really tell. Some of us may get a preview if we play lightning returns since it's been said to use elements from versus.
Versus XIII is coming in 2014, BO2 will be awesome, and PS4/Xbox 720 is coming in Dec. 2013. Lightning Return will be super awesome.
4 years ago#8
I just hope we get FFVII Nojima and not FFVIII Nojima.
4 years ago#9
You could say most features in games are 2-3 years old since that's how long many games are in development.
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4 years ago#10
LOL, gaming hasn't evolved as much as people think, and changing generational taste doesn't always equal "change through evolution/progressive choices". Versus is going to be an action RPG.... what's so dated about that? Especially if it's trying to introduce a more open-explorable experience(a large world)?
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