If/when this game comes out, how much would you pay for it?

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Ragnoraok posted...
ppl are actually going to pay $60+ for a game that took 6+years to make? LOL, no wonder SE keeps crapping on their fans, they know that nothing they ever do will cause their fanbase to leave......

To be fair, it's true. Hell, the whole board back when XIII-2 was announced said they were done with FF. No one actually left. They could pump out 3 more of those games and the fans will still be there. SE knows this.
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Depends on DLC situation. I pretty much refuse to pay more than 60$ for a game + all it's DLC. So either the game or the dlc will have to go on sale, or I'll wait and pick up a "GOTY" (funny how there are like 10 of those a year) for 35$.