Why are FF fans hyped for this? It will have barely any story.

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There will be cutscenes, just not in the same way we're used to them.

All event scenes in Versus XIII will be in real-time, and the player will be able to play normally while they occur.[12] The player will be able to run around and perform various actions during these event scenes. Nomura has called these new types of event scenes "Real-Time Events" (RTEs) and states that their inclusion has resulted in Versus XIII having a first-person shooter-like form of storytelling rather than console RPGs.[12] The RTEs will be directed by Jun Akiyama, who directed the event scenes in Final Fantasy XII.

While some RTEs will transition seamlessly into gameplay, most RTEs will be triggered during gameplay and with no forewarning. Players should expect to suddenly trigger certain RTEs while just moving throughout the game world. For example, an RTE plays where it takes sweeping camera shots of a city at night, then zooms into the glass roof of one skyscraper where aristocrats are having a party. The camera then begins to position itself behind Noctis, seamlessly becoming playable. However, while the player makes him run across the room, another RTE is triggered and an airship suddenly appears and crashes into the building while the player is still controlling Noctis. Another example of an RTE happens while the player makes Noctis run down a city road at night. While running down the road, an airship suddenly crashes into a building in front of Noctis and then drops to the ground; part of it then explodes causing the entire airship to flip into the air over Noctis while the player is still controlling him. Another example has the player making Noctis run across a long pedestrian bridge. While crossing this bridge, a RTE is triggered where a series of missiles are fired at the bridge and the first one breaks part of the bridge's wall. The player then has to make Noctis dodge the remaining missiles while trying to make it across the rest of the bridge.

While most RTEs will occur in the main story, there will be numerous other RTEs will be dependant on the players actions. For example, while the player makes Noctis run down a city road at night, a RTE is triggered and a billboard sign falls on the road in front of Noctis and the camera pans up to reveal a behemoth perched on top of a building. The behemoth then jumps down to the road and attacks Noctis and his allies, which seamlessly transitions the gameplay from a RTE to a battle. While in battle with the behemoth, if the player makes Noctis cross a nearby footbridge, the game will suddenly switch to another RTE and the monster will attack Noctis and cause the entire footbridge to collapse. If the player does not make Noctis cross this footbridge while fighting the behemoth then this RTE will not be triggered.

There will also be RTEs that offer unique gameplay. For example, there will be a number of RTEs in the game where the player controls Noctis in first-person view. One revealed example is a RTE where the player controls Noctis when he was a child and and makes him run up to his father who is looking for him in a forest during twilight.

Nomura states that implementing all these RTEs, which transition seamlessly into the flow of gameplay, is difficult and takes a long time.[13] For areas where RTEs would not be required or be too difficult to create, pre-rendered FMV footage will be used instead.[12] The ratio of RTEs compared to pre-rendered FMVs will be 7:3.[14]

The reason Nomura decided to not use any non-interactive event scenes is because he mainly skips them when playing JRPGs.[12] Rather than putting the controller down to watch the story unfold via an event scene, Nomura prefers to skip them completely so he can get back to the gameplay:
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i wish my opinion of what trolling is matched teh moderators. Alas, they dun have time to play gaemz.
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1Truth posted...

Read the FF Versus XIII Wikipedia page. There's a quote from Nomura in the 'Event' section of the article. He says that he skips cutscenes as he likes to get back to the gameplay. As a result, FF Versus XIII will have no cutscenes. The only time you will not be playing is to watch the (very few) FMVs.

1Truth posted...

Read the FF Versus XIII Wikipedia page. .

1Truth posted...

Wikipedia page. .

1Truth posted...


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I can imagine that the cutscenes will behave kind of like how Final Fantasy VIII pulled it off. Squall could move around while pre rendered scenes were playing out in the background. For example, the war playing out in garden while Squall is running through it. The difference of course would be that talking would be involved during these sequences.

In scenes without action I can imagine normal cutscenes will be used, as well as cutscenes that will allow you to walk and look around as Noctis while other characters are talking to you.
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1Truth posted...
zUkUu posted...
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Nomura has already confirmed that there are no cutscenes in FF Versus XIII.


It's true, actually. All the cutscenes will be part of normal gameplay.


Do more research on the game before calling me wrong. Nomura has said himself that all the cutscenes will be part f the gameplay. There will be no cutscenes like FFX and FFXIII in this game. There will only be gameplay and FMVs.


Nomura said he wants LESS cutscenes and he wants the in-game graphics to look CG so you can't tell a CG cutscene from an in-game cutscene.

Plus, have you played ANY KH games? Nomura in incapable of making a game without cutscenes. sheesh....
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That's because this game will introduce new direct neural connection technology. It transmits the story to your brain so the more creative you are the more you will enjoy this game.
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1Truth posted...
Nomura has confirmed that he skips cutscenes! How can FF fans that play for story even think this game will have a deep, well-paced story? There's no way this game will have story pacing even in the same league as FFVIII, FFX and FFXIII.

Nomura has already confirmed that there are no cutscenes in FF Versus XIII. I hope people that play FF for cutscenes know this. If not, you are in for a disappointment with this game. You should go in expecting Skyrim in JRPG clothing.

Thankfully, I play FF for exploration and battles and hate the frequent cutscenes. I'm totally hyped for this game. :)

However, I can't wait for the meltdowns from the FF fanbase when it releases in 2014 (a full 8 years after it was announced) and people discover that it has no cutscenes. The tears will be delicious. LOL!

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Didn't someone make this same topic not too long ago?

You mean the same topic made by TC last year? I mean this one:


once again, i shall quote this man.
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Crunchy_Nuts posted...
That's because this game will introduce new direct neural connection technology. It transmits the story to your brain so the more creative you are the more you will enjoy this game.

hahahaha this made me 'lol' mostly because for all we know this could be true! With such little info of Versus leaking through and the gaps between the info who knows what this game will actually look like when its done