The Last Remnant for PS3 is still listed on the official Square Enix website...

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I think I was one of the few that actually enjoyed the Last Remnant on the Xbox. Maybe it has something to do with going with low expectations, but I really got addicted to the game and to its side missions.

I would have loved it if it wasn't plagued by the absolutely horrendous technical issues and if they gave us more options in combat.

I also wish that they put in some Visual Works CGI into the game. I was actually surprised that they didn't include any. The game was gorgeous regardless.

All the technical issues are gone in the PC version. Also, there are enough combat option. You just have to make sure you choose to see what each unit does when you select a command.

As for Visual Works CGI, I wouldn't have minded an intro and ending, but I'm happy they chose to do everything in real-time. The real-time cutscenes are awesome.
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