Do you believe Versus XIII will stay PS3 exclusive or release on PS4?

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Big question, this one.

-- Will SQEX move Versus XIII to PS4 as a launch tittle?
-- Will SQEX release Versus XIII exclusively on PS3 even after PS4 is out?
-- Will SQEX release Versus XIII on all current gen consoles (PS3/360/WiiU) even after PS4/720 are out?
1) Yoichi Wada confirmed the game is still in development for PS3 and Shinji Hashimoto (the producer) confirmed info about the game will start being disclosed to the public sometime in 2013.
2) We know FFX HD will be released on PS3 in 2014 at the earliest. There will obviously be a FFX-2 HD for PS3 to follow in 2015 at the earliest.
3) We know that future expansions for FFXIV ARR will still be released on PS3, just like has been done with FFXI. This means we'll be getting FFXIV ARR expansions on PS3 as far into the future as 2020.
4) We also know that Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that KH3 will be made for PS3 after he finishes FF Versus XIII. He wants to use the experience and know-how gained with making FF Versus XIII to develop KH3. Seeing as Versus XIII won't release on PS3 till 2014 at the earliest, that means KH3 will not be released on PS3 till 2016 at the earliest. Think about that for a moment: A mainline KH game will not release on PS3 till 2016 at the earliest. That's 2 years after next gen has started!
5) Tetsuya Nomura is bringing KH HD 1.5 Remix to the PS3 in 2013 and has confirmed that there will be a KH HD 2.5 Remix to follow. KH HD 2.5 Remix will likely release in 2014 at the earliest.
6) Hiroyuki Ito has been working on an unannounced, large-scale project for years now. We don't know when this project started, but we do know that Hiroyuki Ito's last hands-on role with a game was in 2007. It's likely this unannounced project started in 2008. If the project started that far back, it's likely a current gen game. If this game ends up being announced as FFXV for release in 2015 or 2016 on PS3/360/WiiU, then FF Versus XIII will also still be for current gen. Why would they leave FFXV on current gen and yet move FF Versus to PS4? It makes no sense.

---No, Versus XIII will remain a PlayStation 3 Exclusive
---No, PS3 Exclusive.

1. When did this Hashimoto quote pop up? Just curious. I haven't heard it yet.
2. I don't think they're gonna bother with X-2 HD...
3. Possibly true. At least now we know the PS3 version is actually going to happen.
4. Yeah, I think this plan has turned to s*** since Versus took so long. KH3 will likely be a godly game graphics-wise on the PS4. Donald and Goofy in super HD, lolololol.
5. Yes plz. I want both of these ASAP, especially if they include the Final Mixes for those of us outside Japan. I want to play KH2 FM+ as much as I want to play Versus, which is a lot.
6. It would be interesting if he's working on a current-gen FF Tactics title.
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I think that four or five years from now we'll be talking about whether or not it'll be on PS4 or PS5...that's if Square manages not to go belly-up in the meantime.

It's vaporware.
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1. When did this Hashimoto quote pop up? Just curious. I haven't heard it yet.

He said it on September 1, 2012. It was the second day of the week-long Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event. It was been reported that Shinji Hashimoto, the producer of FF Versus XIII, was asked about the status of the game by an attendee. He replied that the game would not be part of Square Enix's line-up for Tokyo Game Show 2012. However, he added that information about the game will start being disclosed to the public sometime in 2013.
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ps4 , it's almost official.
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Either way, Wada doesn't know how to run a video game properly.
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