Longest tasks in Final Fantasy

#11Josh_the_WhitePosted 2/9/2013 12:37:07 AM
One of the longest tasks in any Final Fantasy game that I can think of is completing the Chocobo Hot & Cold quest in Final Fantasy IX. That quest lasts for almost the entire game but I thought it was quite fun and the rewards were usually really good.

In fact, I've stated in another topic in these boards a long time ago that I would be overjoyed if Chocobo Hot & Cold returned in Versus XIII, but I'm not even going to begin to hope for it because I know it won't be returning.
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Waiting for Versus...
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Cyber_Boy94 posted...
Waiting for Versus...

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Hunting every monster 10 times in FFX
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GuitaristMatt posted...
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Collecting all possible rages for Gau takes forever

Well. That was a fun topic while it lasted.

I never played that far through 6
zombie_basher13 posted...
I imagine getting max levels for every job in FF 3 would take quite awhile.

It takes actually just over an hour

What. No.
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zombie_basher13 posted...

What. No.


ok maybe a little longer, but it's easy to do
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I would probly say the turtle farming in FFXIII was the most tedious >.<
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