Dengeki PlayStation Will Have A Scoop Next Week

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4 years ago#1
Found it on this site:

Google Translate:

[Notice next issue]

Released 2/28

Strategy MGRR
Code booklet & PSO2
Emergency rumor scoop?
The report of the PS breaking meeting

Chances of said scoop being Versus related?
4 years ago#2
"Ask not for whom the bell tolls... it tolls for thee." - In memory of Chuck, the wisest boxcar hobo of all time from Telltale's The Walking Dead.
4 years ago#3
Boy, your thread title sure is misleading. I love being misled by people.

Also, I'm the queen of Nigeria.
"High speed progress, step by step, into a trap....."
4 years ago#4
Whooops! It's not next week, lol. Was multitasking on my computer when I posted this.

Still, there's a scoop coming this month so...
4 years ago#5
IF SE will release new info on Versus it won't be in a gaming magazine but in some event like E3, TGS or Jump Festa.
4 years ago#6
Stop posting stuff like this. SE will never re-re-reveal Versus XIII through these methods.
"Dyin' is easy. It's the livin' that's hard..." Grim Reaper, Maximo vs. The Army of Zin
4 years ago#7
just keep telling yourself that
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4 years ago#8
Obviously it's something about new Sony system.
4 years ago#9
I want to believe. I really do :'(
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