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One Million Haikus For Versus XIII Before E3

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4 years ago#1
I am Peonus
This much I vow, Square-Enix
A million haikus

Versus, Type-Zero
In their name, haikus will flood
From now to E3

The fury of fans
Lament the once great vision
Not mobile games

Six years in waiting
Who is the figure in sleep?
And F.F. Hogwartz?

Have you any shame
For dragoon lady's outfit?
Needs more fan service.
4 years ago#2
I expect you to speak in only haiku now, peonus
4 years ago#3
Happy Valentines
My heart goes out to Stella
She of House Flueret

To say nothing of
The royal line of hot stock
Noctis the Sexy

A thou-O-sand words
Is what Yuna sings, X-2
Not even close, son

Sleep is for the weak
The halls of school demand much
To save the world

Ifrit casts a spell
It's name is Hellfire, dawg
Does fire damage
4 years ago#4
The figure that lies
within the damnable dark
has the name Kenneth
4 years ago#5
The sensual touch
Of frozen goddess Shiva
Is dream of many

I love carbuncle
Reminds me of Pikachu
Not same element

Yes, haikus only
That is the my only tongue

Then there's Bahamut
With his awesome Mega-Flare
Giga-, Tera-, too

Cute girl in class
Knows not of Versus 13
I tried man best, man

Chocolate is sweet
But Type-Zero or Versus 13
Is much, much sweeter

Hideo Kojima
He is alright and all that
But Versus isn't
4 years ago#6
Line breaker
4 years ago#7
Ah thank you fenrir
I do not double post here

But now going on
Back to the topic at hand
Called Versus 13

See, back in E3
Square announced some games we liked
Called F.N.C. games

And one got renamed
Another got two sequels
But Versus got ****ed

And here I am now
Writing a million haikus
Just for Versus' sake

Oh and Type-Zero
Which needs to be localized
That too, don't forget
4 years ago#8
Chocobo Wark Wark
Fluffy feathers golden hue
peck your eyes out too
4 years ago#9
Thanks again, fenrir
You are helping me a bit
Mucho gracias

Look, guys, it's not hard
Haiku is five, seven five
Syllables baka

Do you even write?
It's poetry son, English
High School sophomore year

But really, Versus
And Type-Zero I hope comes
Makes people happy

Summoning is cool
I want to see Diablo
In Versus setting

I cast fire, cure
But my M.P. is low, now
Please Versus board. Write!
4 years ago#10
Chris's buster sword
Perhaps too big to handle
Hope he does not die
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