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zUkUu posted...
Even if it would be for PS4, I doubt we'll see ANY GAME there at all. It'll be focused on the hardware and the hardware alone.

Sony would have to be really foolish if they just show people a blackbox and say, "see it at E3". Software will have to be shown. Media Molecule is already teasing its new game so I suspect others will have something to show as well.
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vgman94 posted...
Does it matter anymore?

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I hope it doesn't appear because that would mean it was pushed to the ps4, and I don't feel like buying a PS4
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The only way I'll be pissed about Versus XIII is if it was moved to the PS4 and it isn't backwards compatible. I hope they make the system backwards compatible with the PS3, PS2 and PS1 but that's way too naive a thought >.>
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I would be pissed if they announce Versus XII before Versus XIII comes out.
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This game has as much of a chance as me becoming world president.

In short: Highly probable. Like 110%.
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the last guardian might be there.
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impatiently waiting on versus xiii... -> EDIT: not so much anymore... (4/28/11)
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If it is, it won't be anything new. At best they'll cobble stuff together from older trailers.
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Does it matter anymore?

FFVSXIII is more of an idea, a concept.
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