All Right Versus Board, Chances Versus at Sony, Big Conference Thing?

#1peonusPosted 2/18/2013 12:04:18 PM
Title is haiku
Which is also the topic
So, any bets peeps?

Versus PS4
That's okay I guess but man
PS3 this game...

Six hundred dollars
I spent for a PS3
Snake, Kratos and Drake

Noctis should join them
But I am too conflicted
Want Versus info
#2stupid_dudeman7Posted 2/18/2013 12:16:23 PM
PS4 is gonna be 400 dollars. Worth it down the line.
And none of us are gonna think much about it.
If you've been waiting this long for Versus, then a PS4 you will buy.

If SE is nice, which would be a total surprise to me, they've made the PS3 version,
AND the PS4 one. If you remember the trailers, it seemed already pretty fancy graphics !

This way they'd sell a lot more copies.
And they've already spent a lot of time/money developing on PS3.
But with the new engine, it must have been lightning-fast to adapt it for PS4 (see the pun there ? xD).
And it's also PC compatible !!

Hopes are high!!!
Mama says, "Stupid is as stupid does"