The new FF for PS4 is NOT gonna be Versus 13.

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as long this game out,it fine but i will soo grateful if this game still a ps3 exclusive.
i wont let the last heaven honor die with it champion-war
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Why would they cancel Versus because XIII-2 sold poorly? It's a game that's going to attract a lot more people to FF than the Lightning games did, both in Japan and the U.S.

It has XIII in the name and uses FNC mythos. If FFXIII-2 never sold well, neither will Versus XIII.

But, I think most people know the XIII references will be a little different. (At least they should) There were rumors about them getting rid of the XIII in the name which is certainly a possibility.
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Fantastic topic, TC.

FF Versus XIII has been quietly cancelled. People need to accept it. The game shown at E3 2013 will be FFXV and a totally new game. It will use nothing from FF Versus XIII.

Personally, I hope FFXV will be a game directed by Hiroyuki Ito.

I doubt they'd have spent this many years (an entire console gen) and God knows how many millions of dollars just to cancel a game.
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Like I keep saying. SE may or may not be a lot of things but they aren't stupid when it involves making money. Versus will be the FF3, 6, 9, and 12 of the PS3. FFXV will be announce for the PS4 at E3.

Okay so why announce it so early?

To sell ps3 systems . . . and it worked.
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