SquareEnix already released an outstanding game related to VSXIII

#1i8g4wlPosted 2/23/2013 12:32:56 PM
The new game of SE. It's a F2P and they provide the needed Grief:

1) Denial - New event where SE should have talked about Versus. They didn't. Start here.

2) Anger - Finally some news! A sketch. You're stuck here. Roll a 20-sided dice every hour until you get a XIII to move to the next stage.

3) Bargain - You no longer ask for in-game footage, just a simple "The game is not dead". A mid-boss appears to deliver the message. Restart this stage until you collect the message 3 times.

4) Depression - You watch all the "Twilight" movies while entering the never ending dungeon also known as "the Internet" (its fearsome powers are being wireless and not weighing anything!) looking for information about Suikoden VI.

5) Acceptance - You found a Noctis' perfume which refills your HP (Hope Points). Go back to stage 1.
#2MajorZeroPosted 2/23/2013 7:37:30 PM
What about the bonus stage involving you having to pkay other final fantasy games that you dont want to?
#3i8g4wl(Topic Creator)Posted 2/24/2013 2:16:36 AM
Who said I don't want Versus?

I do want it as soon as possible but it doesn't mean I can't enjoy the wait while making fun of my grief.

It's better to laugh than to cry, no?
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1/10 nice try d00d
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#5king richPosted 2/25/2013 12:33:54 AM
Good to see a reference to my second favorite RPG series Suikoden. The future of that series was handled worse by Konami then Versus has been by SE.

They say that series isn't forgotten yet a whole generation of game platforms has pretty much come and gone and there has still been nothing mentioned of a new installment. Which is kind of sad since the fifth game really brought the series back to where it should have gone after the first two games, but the third and fourth had hurt the series too much with changes for most casual RPG players to come back.
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#6i8g4wl(Topic Creator)Posted 2/25/2013 7:27:52 AM
Yeah the Suikoden serie is awesome.

I was really mad when Konami released Suiko IV but Suikoden V was really refreshing and gave me hope for the future.

I don't think it's on the same level as Versus tho' because there never was any announcement or trailer.

Anyway I believe Konami will someday let us have the Pesmerga/Yuber story. They are not tease-trolling so it's alright to be patient.

PS: Tierkreis was an insult.