Yup, I'm pretty sure Versus is FFXV now.

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Huh, you guys are really optimistic. >__>
Versus XIII is a PS4 game, probably FFXV.
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I also have a feeling that FF Versus XIII is now FFXV as that the game have been delayed endlessly and PS4 has been announced.. I would be very disappointed if this was the case though as that I have no intentions of buying a PS4 anytime soon as that digital content and streaming content as main disappoints me.. Its unappealing.. However, this may also mean that FFXV will not have freezes or fatal glitches.. Hmm..
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But then they have to scrap the Etro thing so its not FNC related. Should be easy but Kitase said that theyre not done with FNC series. I think Versus will be the last. No i take that back because SE is known to milk their Lightning cow.
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theofficefan99 posted...
It's not going to become XV.

Lightning Returns will surpass 13-2 and become accepted by haters!
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Nuck-chorris posted...
But then they have to scrap the Etro thing so its not FNC related. Should be easy but Kitase said that theyre not done with FNC series. I think Versus will be the last. No i take that back because SE is known to milk their Lightning cow.

Who said FNC is only XIII-related? Considering that Agito XIII became Type-0, this proves two things:

1. The FNC games do not need "XIII" in their title
2. Changing the name of a game does not mean that the story was changed

Come on, people.
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Wise_Potato posted...
Converting Versus into FFXV is the easy -and obvious- choice for many reasons:

1.They are too lazy to come up with a whole new concept, why make an entirely new story when you can always convert Versus into FFXV?

Agni's Philosophy.

2.That can explain why they are being so ambiguous about Versus, i mean seriously why would they kill the hype for their game and just keep saying "please wait" at every event?

Because they're too busy losing money on FFXIV and promoting cash-in money grabs like FFXIII-2, LR, FFIV remakes, and FF ATB to make up for it.

Square Enix never avoid talking about their games like that

Are you new here?

3.Calling Versus FFXV can turn very profitable for SE, your average joe will probably avoid the game if it has "FFXIII" on it's title

Most people will probably be majorly disappointed that FFXV isn't an original idea and has instead been relegated to a game that was meant for last gen. As SE have said in the past, Versus was never fit to be a full blown major title in the series. Thats why it never was and never will.

4.Luminous engine is being used -to an extent- on Versus already

Yup. Just for the lighting. Thats it.

5.Nomura has always said that KH3 will be built on the same engine as Versus, it wouldn't make sense to release KH3 for PS3, or release it on PS4 with an out dated engine.

With the current trend of Kh games I wouldn't be surprised if KH3 ended up on Vita or something. Not sure about the same engine stuff, I've never heard Nomura say anything like that.

6.Just because it doesn't have the FFXIII name on it doesn't mean it can't be part of FNC, like Type 0.

Yes we know. But that doesn't mean its gonna be XV. A name change could happen but its not gonna be converted to a main title.

I know that they can always move Versus to PS4 without changing it's name, and that FFXV can be Agni's philosophy game, but I think it's a little bit TOO early for Agni's philosophy game, Square Enix probably won't release it until 2015 at least, they teased it last year, and we all know how HUGE the gap between teasing and ACTUAL release is for Square Enix games, how many years did it take them to make FFXIII after teasing it? Exactly.

Yeh if you'd been paying attention to what they said about the luminous engine, you'd know that its gonna cut way down on development times for them so its not gonna take years and years to make new games. And it looks like they already got a lot of stuff down for Agni's Philosophy already so if they wanted I'm sure they could churn out a new game by next year.
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Do we know that Agni's philosophy is getting turned into a game, or are we just guessing here?
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