A message to Kagari on NeoGaf regarding Versus XIII

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Well then I can gauge you forfeit the argument.

At least I know when to quit, unlike Gilgamesh.


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Where can I sign up for the flame war?
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peonus posted...
Where can I sign up for the flame war?

Look at the new topic.
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wow you guys really are proving my prediction at the start to be spot on.

should have said to bookmark it so I could be regarded as the Messiah I am.
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Darth_Havok posted...
lol 1Truth is obsessed w/ directors these days lol. Not complaining or even making fun. I dunno or care who any of these people even are, just thought it was odd to see such passion for a director of a game. :)

Well...directors are the ones creating the vision for the game and overseeing all aspects. So if you really like a game you should thank the director for giving the game a good vision (as well as other team members, including other key personnel, for having a hand in a game's creation as well).
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I don't know what the hell is going on. A lot has changed since I last checked on this board.
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Lelouch71 posted...
I don't know what the hell is going on. A lot has changed since I last checked on this board.

Same. I leave for two days and so much happens. Which is odd considering the circumstances.
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I call BS on all of this.
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liars calling people liars calling people liars....

This topic is so funny. especially the part where people actually think that TC is credible when he has no solid proof whatsoever


ps. i never heard of neogaf but those people sure do sound dumb with their "credible predictions"
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Hmm, this seems interest-

"Not an Action RPG"

Yeah this is fake as ****. There is no goddamn way they would change the one concept that got people interested in the first place.
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