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Guest party members confirmed!!! I was right!!!MichaelAngel01012/19 11:00PM
You can PLAY AS A DOG!
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crimzonwarrior1112/19 10:53PM
What games you guys hyped for other than Final Fantasy XV?
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moogle692912/19 10:50PM
New stream video!!!
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Gamerz19931312/19 10:49PM
Dog camKicktheNopon112/19 10:33PM
I have a theory. Noctis and FFXV story will be the journey of a Villain
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gfaqster4512/19 10:24PM
The minority of the FF boards and beyond
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Kaliesto3512/19 10:23PM
A better fandub
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HRsksky4812/19 10:07PM
Cor Confirmed It (SPOILERS)
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UltimaXOmega1112/19 10:02PM
Final Fantasy female cast names (Poll)ultradbm612/19 9:59PM
The demo will be dual audioNoctionus612/19 9:53PM
If Square Enix announced a Wii U version of FFXV...
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Alantor304212/19 9:50PM
Fedora Wingman's English voice...Insanylum13512/19 9:49PM
Himefu Where Art Thou?peonus612/19 9:48PM
They are doing a QA! Release date? Somebody translate asap.crimzonwarrior612/19 9:45PM
This is going to be the best game of all time
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RomanReigns1212/19 9:39PM
Good lord....Hawt Female Cid, yo!!!! Mah waifu! Himefu/Luna/Stella who?MichaelAngel0812/19 9:30PM
Here is the link to the new trailer for those who have not seen it yet.The_Widow_Maker412/19 9:29PM
[Reality check] have any other rpgs or FFs even came close to FF7 greatness?TirMcDohl1012/19 9:29PM
For anyone that can't view the "private" trailer videos on YouTube. (Closed)Austin_4e1012/19 9:27PM