Has all these years of wait and the lack of respect.

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It's just a marketing thing, versus took a back seat when 13-s sales weren't s great as expected so Square decided to make more games with 13's engine to at least break even in cost. It's a lot cheaper to make a sequel to a game when you already have the assets that would normally cost you millions to create. Give it time and Versus WILL be out.

- So in short, it's not coming out any time soon or probably even this year?

Hell if I know lol, I'm not any sort of insider, just that the writing is on the wall.

You would think though that if you made a game and it performed below expectations that you'd go "Okay, so the fans are looking for something different, let's give them something different." Instead, they said "Oh, so sorry, we didn't know you guys wanted Type-0, so... don't expect to ever see it in English. Versus? Please wait longer, we heard how much everyone on Earth loved Lightning and how entire continental superpowers will go to war just to see her smile, so here's a game starring her sister."
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I dont really understand what do you mean by lack of respect. Everyone knows that FF fanbase is hardest fans to please and most whiny. Even SE knows that. Versus will be day one purchase for me like all the other FF games.