Why can't Noctis be a morbidly obese protagonist?

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It's a mature theme we should discuss in video games.
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peonus posted...
It's a mature theme we should discuss in video games.

Not in Japanese society. In the United States, yes, obesity has become a bit of a problem.
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Can Noctis be a hikikomori then?
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peonus posted...
Can Noctis be a hikikomori then?

Really interesting point, peonus. Noctis doesn't seem to be a hikikomori because obviously he wanders outside of his castle and isn't cooped up in his room all day.

However, having a hikikomori character would make the story much more interesting though I cannot see how s/he would be relevant at this point...

What about group conformity?
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They need a compensated dating minigame.
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^And this is where Stella comes into the story.
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Because mighty lord nomura doesn't like ugly characters and anyway with all that nonsense a protagonist does in your average rpg they wouldn't be obese for long.
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Bc Michelle Obama would have defeated him when he was a child
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Your topics are always filled with inner messages, peonus