You know, it does make sense.

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Hmm, I don't think Square Enix planned to delay Versus for so long. Perhaps the delay has been caused by circumstances beyond the company's expectations. For example, Square Enix didn't expect FFXIV to be as buggy as it turned out to be.
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akira_hisyam posted...
people including me expected vs13 to come out atleast end of 2012 based on january conference but ''boooooooom'' s.e announce 13-2 and versus kept in the dark once again,so dont get your hope too high 2014 release theory,you guys might end frustrated.

i was a part of that group as well. when 13-2 was announced at the 1pdp and given a release window of late 2011 (which turned out to be Jan 2012), it only made sense to assume that v13 would release sometime during the holiday season of 2012. any earlier and it would've been in a misplaced time frame. face it, summer isn't the best time to release a "AAA game" (i use that term lightly) and anything before that technically would've been considered too close to 13-2. what's more, is that they are both high budget, console rpgs from the same developer/publisher. can't have them so close together.

what messed everybody up is that 13-2 ended with a "TBC" message. were we getting another console sequel? or was it going to be some sort of cgi spin off, comic book, novel, mobile phone game, WHATEVER...
we didn't know.
until the 25th ann of final fantasy... where they revealed LR. now it's like, "ok, so this game is probably going to release around fall/winter on 2012... so, where the hell does that put v13??".

and that's pretty much where we are now. if anything positive has come out of all of this, it's that se is running out of a buffer zone now. they can't use 14.2, LR, 10hd, and kh1.5 as an excuse for things to look forward to, other than versus. they're all coming out THIS year, but who knows... whatever this "big" announcement they have planned for e3 is, it could drastically turn things upside down for all of us.
damn, this e3 is gonna be real important ~_~

Rasukou posted...
Hmm, I don't think Square Enix planned to delay Versus for so long. Perhaps the delay has been caused by circumstances beyond the company's expectations. For example, Square Enix didn't expect FFXIV to be as buggy as it turned out to be.

pretty much. 14 messed everything up this gen for se. had it been successful, we'd most likely have had our hands on v13 by now... and probably on the verge of ff15...
impatiently waiting on versus xiii...
EDIT: not so much anymore... (4/28/11)
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your right pill,im very dissappointed with esspecially crappy end,i do hope lr will continue 13-2 end,seem caius still alive.
i wont let the last heaven honor die with it champion-war
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I can't honestly believe you guys still have hope in this game. It's like a girl you like and message or wrote to her in a text, and she checked your profile, knows who you are, obviously doesn't like you, yet you go on from time to time to she if she wrote to you or if there is still any hope in her liking you. But you know very well she is not interested in you, nor will she ever attempt to contact you. You believe in false hope and a lie because if you don't believe the lie, then the possibility of even daydreaming about a future with her completely diminishes. The only 1% chance is for her to text you in a drunken state in which case you would feel delight and your hopes would rise, if but a little. But that's it. No relationship, not even a kiss. This is what this game feels like to me. It was all one big tease. And we fell for it.
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Lol, you know? Even after:
-KH Birth by sleep
-KH 358/2 days

... I thought "now there is Versus. Only Versus", but we know what happened: many other games were announced and were released, more and more (XIII-2, Dissidia012, FFXIV, FFXIV 2.0, KH Re Coded, KH 3D, KH collection, Lightning returns...)
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akira_hisyam posted...
zerogravity399 posted...
The following major games from Square-Enix will be released this 2013.

-Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns
-Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn
-Final Fantasy X HD Collection
-Kingdom Hearts HD Collection

All of these games that are holding back Versus will finally be released this year. Then, they won't have any more excuses on delaying it. So 2014 will definitely be the year Versus is coming out. Really seems likely at this point.

im bet after all this game are out,s.e gonna announce another 5 more new game and versus will delayed again,im sure of it.


FF-13: LR-2 (after Toriyama screws up another ending)
FF-13: LR Again (after he screws up that ending)
FF-13 Lightening Reborn (she died and comes back stronger than ever)
FF-13 Lightening Forever (please like Lightening)
FF-13 Lightening Forever-2 (another botched ending)

They will never let 13 die as long as Toriyama has a green light.
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