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I was kinda hoping Prompto would sound more like Charlie DayEin_Soph812/16 11:26AM
James Arnold Taylor denies he's voicing prompto.
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shay1594312/16 11:25AM
Why are people hating on Ignis' Eng VA
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uutrexx1812/16 11:06AM
And the Razzie award for worst voice acting goes to
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Lionheart22111312/16 10:52AM
Do you guys remember the first English VA revealed?zing310812/16 10:22AM
Uh about English Accents.Raven_Shikumi812/16 9:06AM
English VA for XV sounds pretty typical for most games...
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darkqueenhelba2112/16 8:32AM
You know what they should do?Rikkus_dad712/16 8:04AM
I cannot even begin to convey how happy I am that none of the characters have...crimzonwarrior1012/16 8:01AM
So the guy with the glasses and British voice....Nolax512/16 7:18AM
When Noctis fights the soldiers is that his voice or theirs?Soul_Side412/16 7:04AM
Can we ride motorbikes instead?Neo_OnionKnight812/16 6:44AM
Now that we know that Noctis is alpha,
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Prishe-1212/16 6:41AM
Yuri Lowenthal denies he's voicing PromptoRose_of_May612/16 6:30AM
Is there a december talk show for Type-0 and XV?Senel_117412/16 6:10AM
Anyone speaking Japanese? (Movies Final Fantasy, Kitase +Sakaguchi)Xenosheart212/16 4:41AM
Gotta say I didn't expect Noctis's voice to sound like that.
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guitargodd4812/16 1:39AM
Guys, don't worry so much about the voices and look on the positive side.zombie_basher13412/16 1:10AM
My glorious opinion on the eng dubbed voicesSAGE_HAN812/16 12:01AM
English Voices Video
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Hiryuu_Tsurugi20312/15 10:01PM