If you had to guess which user on this board was a secret Versus 13 developer...

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Sir_Tom_Jones posted...
They should outsource more, theyve shown they cant multitask and handle a few games at once.

Last summer they announced that there would be no more in-house productions, and every new game from then on would be mostly outsourced with SE just overseeing the projects and supplying the story and such.
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jmichaelbp posted...
I think SE outsourced Versus because they don't really care anymore.
The new dev? 3D Realms.

no, Gearbox!

And Gearbox will use the money SE gave them to make Borderlands 3 and they outsource Versus to Timegate Studios.
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Ecclesiastes273 posted...
I am.

Think about it. All I do is laugh at the hype.

There are over 35 people here in the office lurking this board. Laughing.

I am too! How ya doin', Joe! Damn, today's work, i.e. nothing, was exhausting!
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I am, because I'm the best troll.
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