Should Final Fantasy Versus XIII be released on PS3 or PS4?

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PS3 no contest. I have no interest in getting a PS4 until a slim version is release and the game library build. Right now the PS4 not a worthy investment for myself. I also rather not have to be force to get a system that I no intention of buying in the very near future just to play a game I waited well over 7 years for.

I pretty much agree with this. I really do not want to buy a launch console, because they are almost always filled with problems and they're always worse than the slim models.

that's something i learned this generation. i'm never buying another console or handheld, at least until the next model has been released. by that time, the price will have dropped and there will be more games on the market (a lot of them at a cheaper price too).
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I say, why not both?

Watch Dogs, AssCreed IV, etc. will have simultaneous releases on PS3 and PS4. I'd like to see it on both consoles.

But if I could only choose one, I'd rather it be on PS4 due to the higher system specs. However, if that means waiting several more years then PS3 is fine.
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Both. The PS4 version could have no extra content but run MUCH smoother given the upgrade in technical capabilities. That's worth it for some people and for others, just give them some of the DLC for free and make them happy. The PS3 has a bigger fanbase but the PS4 one will run better and if someone has the option of playing either at launch, they'll go for the PS4 one.
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I just want it to be released
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ps3 because I already own one of those....
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SE is in business, they already made a promise to their buyers that it would be on the PS3, so they should uphold their promise.
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If they hold out till PS4 release it better see a PC release also or it will lose a lot of initial sales from the people who will initially hold off on a console upgrade