With Wada gone, could Versus start being pushed by Square more now?

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Yukanna posted...
Wada said they wont reveal more about Versus until it "feels" like a FF game

Nomura said earlier this year or last year he wanted to show Versus but the execs told him no....

This guy was definitely behind the embargo on info.

The god damn Tales of series feels more like the FF series than FF does at this point
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NineSkiys posted...
Well, Wada he is being layed off so....

Anyways, I hope we can expect something this year regarding Versus. FFX HD should be out this year, so maybe they'll do some work on versus eh?

Laid off? He ain't laid off. He know that SE is doing poorly right now so he is taking the money and run.

No, usually in businesses when an executive is resigning, it means he was asked by even higher ups to quit, because it's better than being fired. Basically, Wada failed to run the company well enough cuz they're losing a lot of money, so whoever is above him asked him to get out.

And btw everybody, there is a good chance because the reason they want Wada gone and replacing him with someone new, is to do major restructuring and change business models. Wada has been president since 2000, so this is a BIG change.
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