If Versus 13/FF15 are released on the PS4, how many of you would not buy it?

#21Lelouch71Posted 4/7/2013 10:38:18 PM
omlet52 posted...
I remember FFXIII was supposed to be on PS2 at first, but I'm sure either if they announced it for PS2.

Different situation. They never officially announce FFXIII for the PS2. Not to mention it wasn't well into development. Hell FFVII was originally considered for the Snes and N64 before it went to the PS1. Versus is a game that is well into development. It's not some game in its early cycle.
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#22Cyber_Boy94Posted 4/8/2013 1:22:51 AM
I'd still buy it. I'm interested enough to get the PS4 around launch, so if Versus comes out on PS4 only, or PS3/4 multiplat, I'd get the PS4 version.

On the other hand, I'm still keeping my PS3, so if Versus is PS3 only, then I'll get it day 1 either way :/
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#23kaiser ryuPosted 4/8/2013 6:08:50 AM
You can definitely count me out for the next half a decade or more. Gen 7 taught me to abstain from early adoption, if nothing else. I pretty much regret nothing more than buying a PS3 on the promise of FF13, v13, and MGS4. Will not do that again along with SUPPORT lousy IP management.
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#24Nuck-chorrisPosted 4/8/2013 7:34:05 AM
I dont mind if Versus becomes 15 or 15 is Agni. Tho i just cant see Versus coming on the PS4. I think they should end the FNC mythology after the PS3.
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