How long is the exclusive contract?

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Exentryk posted...
I'll just throw this out there:

Trailers before 2011 - "for PS3 only Worldwide"

Latest trailer (2011) - "for PS3"

so it seems like it did expire ,
or if there was no contract ,than the deal is no longer going on-I can imagine the pain of making the game exclusive for one console and now having to dumb it down to the specs of an xbox360.

plus adding the new lightning engine --I hope this E3 we can hear some news from squarenix regarding this game.
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Just my thoughts on exclusivity contracts:

No company in their right mind (Sony) would sign off on an exclusivity contract that could expire while a game is still in development. If anything, a timetable for expiration on a game's exclusivity would probably only start after said game is released. Otherwise you're opening yourself up to the possibility of intentional delays on the part of developers (SE).
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