this game out yet ?

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is it out ?

- Troll topic.

what the...? NO!!! i never would do anything like would be mean !

i thought it would be out already in japanese land because everyone was talking about info soon. info about the us/eu version or whats going on...?
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No it is not out and it never will be so quit checking up on it!

Im positive its getting a release date this summer at E3 or els TGS.

We might get a trailer if we are SUPER lucky, but a release date? Come on, there is a difference between being optimistic and being delusional.

This yer well get a load of info, a release date AND excuses with reasons from Square Enix.

2013, the year Versus will shine im positive.

Might i add that it will be suicide from Square for not releasing info and release date this year also exclusive PS4 will be the last nail on their coffin. Dual release ok.

Saving this comment for future hilarity :).
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I can't believe people still have this much faith in SE after everything they've said about Versus (Which is basically nothing), I just don't get how people can have this much hope and not think it's even a possibility that we won't get anything.
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Not yet. You know, 'Please pe batience'
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