RUMOR: Final Fantasy Versus XIII launching on PS3 and PS4

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Did that ''janitor'' run its mouth again?
this is getting old.
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another rumor from an anonymous source in a sea of bull ****. this rumor conflicts with the rumor of it just moving to ps4 and the other from vgleaks of it becoming XV and moving to ps4 and also from what Aryllies has said in the other thread here and how it is slated for ps3 q4 2013/q1 2014.

i hope this is not the case anyway, i would prefer that they work on ps3 first and get it perfect, then a year or so down the line they do an international edition for the ps4 where they can fix any issues players find, add in new content based on feedback and include all the ps3 DLC on the ps4 disc. cross gen release for such a big RPG is unheard of until now so i will believe it when i see it.
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The rumour mill spins again. I just want to shut it all out until E3.
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Versus rumours are neither true nor false, but thinking makes them so.
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Personally, I think cross gen is very lame. I hope this isn't true.
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Exentryk posted...
Versus rumours are neither true nor false, but thinking makes them so.

man i lol so hard neighbour looking strange.
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lol i was said that weeks ago , that it's coming for BOTH systems
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