i hope most of us change into HULK during e3

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I don't think they'll say "Please be patient" now that the info ban is lifted. Hope they'll be answer more this time because the info ban is removed.
#13GuitaristMattPosted 5/2/2013 10:26:52 PM
Same trailer, add PS4 logo.
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Sir_Tom_Jones posted...
Rose_of_May posted...
61degrees posted...
Relax, wada is gone. I'm sure square will pull through. They're already releasing more games in the same year than they ever have i think..

FFX HD, FFX-2 HD, Tomb raider, FF 14 online, kingdom hearts 1.5 hd, lightning returns: final fantasy 13 (dumb title btw) and MAYBE versus.

Yeah but those games were scheduled while Wada was in control. From what I've read the new guy has denied a few new projects from being green lighted.

I dont see the point in FF X HD since its not too old. For the older gamers who didnt start with FF during FFX's generation. Thats Soooooo SE. Giving fan what they dont want.

- FF VII remake? No here's FF X
- Versus XIII? Here, have 3 Lightning games.

I think FFX HD is just a cashgrab. The graphical difference arent that great either.

What about fans who played before 7? Not everyone wants a goddamned 7 remake.
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GuitaristMatt posted...
Same trailer, add PS4 logo.

Oh, that'd be so nice! (It's rather sad that I'd settle for a trailer we've seen a million times . . . now PS4 is a different issue.)

There also should be updated graphics, though, if we are to take seriously the announcement that Versus has shifted to full development and away from pre-pre-pre alpha (or whatever that stage is). ;P
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From: GuitaristMatt | #013
Same trailer, add PS4 logo.

Would be okay if they added a release window with it.
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In all seriousness, People will really going to be upset if it doesnt show up.
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GuitaristMatt posted...
Same trailer, add PS4 logo.

Not gonna lie, it would make me get a PS4 right away. Id be getting that and the new Infamous.
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Everyone must come dressed as Noctis, then coordinate a joint attack on the Lightning Returns booth.
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Taichi556 posted...
Everyone must come dressed as Noctis, then coordinate a joint attack on the Lightning Returns booth.

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