Why is this game so popular?

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3 years ago#1
You'd think the hype would've died down after 7 years. Besides, if Square Enix is shafting it this much do you really think the final product is going to be good?
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3 years ago#2
I guess it made a good ipmpression when it was first shown.
3 years ago#3
A very good impression.
That s*** had Shakespeare in it man, Shakespeare.
3 years ago#4
Shakespeare isn't the selling point. Will localization (if it exists) be on par with Tactics's? No more of this "heroes don't die" business. "Fools set the rules in this world" anyway.
3 years ago#5
'Twas for me. I loved "I want to be your Canary" in FFIX, absolutely loved it. All the references to Shakespeare in that game were killer
3 years ago#6
This topic again? ...Fine. Fiiine! This is (yet again) why I think FFvsXIII is still popular, despite all of SE's coprolite: http://www.finalfantasy-fxn.net/boards/showthread.php?12125-Everything-We-Know-About-Final-Fantasy-Versus-XIII-%28Covers-2006-Present%29
3 years ago#7
Because it hasn't come out yet. But don't worry like most popular games it will have haters. Some with valid reason to hate the game. Others who are just morons who shouldn't even be on the computer let alone have one.
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3 years ago#8
I don't think it speaks so much about the game itself. It is simply a big franchise game that has become notorious for its protracted development time.
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3 years ago#9
I guess what keeps me interested in this is that it somehow gives FF6-FF7-era vibes to me. Dunno how it's gonna end up but i'm sick of all these super clean futuristic high-fantasy FFs they keep pushing out. Also real-time fights are the way to go!
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3 years ago#10
1) It being a Action-RPG.
2) A world similar to ours.
3) The battle movements.

Is very hard to determine if it will live up to its hype.
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