Sony just announced Gran Turismo 6 as a PS3 exclusive due "Holiday 2013".

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versus will be coming to both ps3 and 4. gt6 will too. every big project for ps3 will in the future.
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StarBladeEdge posted...
versus will be coming to both ps3 and 4. gt6 will too. every big project for ps3 will in the future.

There are a bunch of projects that are still PS3 only.
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Oh and update: A PS4 version is considered. So this topic is useless.

And I bet it's going to take a while to port all of GT6 over to the PS4. It's possible, but will take a while since the game is so big. And I dont think they will start the porting process until the PS3 version is completed. I'd say late next year at the earliest on PS4 maybe? As I said before GT6 was built mainly for the PS3 architecture, while the PS4 has very different hardware architecture. Which is why I think porting will take a while.

At least GT6 is coming out on PS3 while it may get a PS4 release later. I dont know about Versus XIII though. Have they cancelled the PS3 version and reboot most of the game for the PS4? Or is the game still planned for the PS3?

The same thing applies to Versus. It's been PS3 exclusive since 2006, so obviously built solely on PS3 architecture, so why should Versus be switched to PS4 but not GT 6?

Versus was in pre-production until 2011, meaning they were working on a script, character designs, music styles, messing around with ideas for the game including mechanics, building the engine. Outside of building the engine, almost none of it needed to be programmed for the hardware yet. 2011 is also when dev kits for PS4 went out to most developers. Therefore, it is possible for SQ-EX to go to PS4 with the game, especially with its ambition. Gran Turismo 6 didn't go PS4 originally because the game is built on Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3. It literally is using tweaked models from.the GT5 game for its GT6 game, it was not built from the ground up like Versus is being done. Plus, this late in the game, if Versus is using the next-gen Kingdom Hearts engine, they won't be releasing Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PS3, so might as well have them both on PS4 so that you only need to tweak the engine to fit more KH like than completely redo it for PS4 again. Do I believe Versus has gone PS4 route? I'm still a tightrope walker, haven't leaned either way yet. I will wait until Sony or SQ-EX actually pushes me.
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There is no next-gen KH engine.
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Wat? How does releasing GT6 for ps3 this holiday have anything to do with Versus? I don't get it.

The rumor that Versus would be coming to PS4 stated that Sony paid SQEX to move it to PS4 and were helping with development.

If Sony are still releasing a big-selling first party title like Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 so close to PS4 release then I doubt they would go out of their way to pay SQEX to move Versus to the PS4. It just doesn't add up.

Have you ever thought that maybe they started developing it for the PS3 before they even knew what the PS4 was gonna be?
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